1 trillion dollars, 1 million lives, 1 fraud

What Does Iraq Cost? Even More Than You Think. by Tyler Cowen cites sources putting the direct financial cost to the U.S. government at over $1 trillion, though Cowen’s point is that taking into account opportunity costs, the price is higher.

I don’t believe I’ve posted about this trillion dollar fraud since January 2006. I just have to point out yet again that there’s nothing unusual about Iraq: advocates of war routinely underestimate the costs by a factor of ten (which makes such estimates fraudulent, in my estimation).

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  1. […] a far greater tragedy, but the financial tab of each will be of the same order of magnitude — US$trillions. Although the US$0.7 trillion number being cited is apparently made up, Barry Ritholtz’s […]

  2. Anonymous says:

    18 million american lives and 900 trillion dollars is what a 25 megaton bomb being set of in lower manhatan will cost that is what bush was able to avoid
    obama wants to free the taliban from gitmo
    do you rember what happened to the first WTC attackers
    Clinton let most of them go and a few got a slap on wrist
    then they came back and finished the job
    educate your self before you open your mouth !!!!

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