The American citizen race

Where have the immigrants gone? in the Chicago Tribune on the impact of Oklahoma’s new apartheid law, HB 1804, the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection[ist] Act:

“You really have to work hard at it to destroy our state’s economy, but we found a way,” said state Sen. Harry Coates, the only Republican in the state Legislature to vote against the immigration law. “We ran off the workforce.”

No, they didn’t run off the workforce, they kept the American citizen race pure:

Carol Helm, director of Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now, says the Oklahoma law was necessary to stop a burgeoning population of illegal immigrants from “multiplying faster than the American citizen race” and overwhelming the state’s social services.

I’d like to offer Helm amnesty.

According to the article, HB 1804 does the following:

  • Makes it a felony to harbor, transport, conceal or shelter unauthorized immigrants
  • Restricts access to driver’s licenses and identification cards
  • Terminates several forms of public assistance
  • Expands authority of local law-enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law
  • Requires verification of employment eligibility using a federal database

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  2. Michelle St Denis says:

    The real problem with HB 1804 in Oklahoma is the requirement of professional licenses such as a nursing license. These professional licenses will be tied to your visa term expiring on the same day. Federal Immigration law requires the professional reapplying for entry to have a professional license in effect for the TERM they ARE APPLY FOR! No License no visa. So yes, Oklahoma is participating in purging the states of the illegal immigrants but they are also running out of the state highly trained foreign professionals who are in the country legally!

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