Opposing “illegal” immigration is xenophobic, or more bluntly, advocating for apartheid “because it’s the law”

Italy’s new government includes two naturalized citizens,Cécile Kyenge, minister of integration, born in Congo, and Josefa Idem, minister of equal opportunity and sport, born in Germany.

Some excerpts from Italy’s first black minister attacked by Northern League:

Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League in Lombardy, called the 48-year-old Kyenge “the symbol of a hypocritical, do-gooding left that would like to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and only thinks about immigrants’ rights and not their duties”.

Sadly I doubt much of the left would really like to abolish the “crime of illegal immigration”, but it should, indeed all should be totally opposed to apartheid, which is precisely what restrictions on movement, working, and residence are.

Immigrants’ rights and duties should be no different than non-immigrants. Putting people in different moral categories due to their birth is an outrage.

The AC Milan and Italy striker, Mario Balotelli, called her appointment “a further, big step towards a more civilised and responsible Italian society”. Kyenge said her top priorities included changing Italy’s citizenship laws, which are based on descent rather than place of birth.

An indictment of Italy and the world that this is correctly characterized as a big step, but it is a positive step in any case.

The Northern League denies it is xenophobic, insisting it is only opposed to illegal immigration. Kyenge came to Italy to study at university and married an Italian.

No, laws making immigration illegal are xenophobic as is supporting such laws and using such laws to persecute some people. More bluntly, opposing “illegal immigration” is advocating for apartheid “because it’s the law.”

Shame on all who oppose the immediate destruction of the international apartheid regime, keeping billions in poverty and oppression (or put another way, massively squandering human capital) out of fear and racism.

I offer you amnesty.

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