A plan for a plan to accelerate clarity on “NonCommercial” by 100%

After 11+ years, 4 major license suite versions, focused research, and movement education campaigns, Creative Commons achieved a quantum increase in the clarity of the definition of NonCommercial as used in some of (CC-BY-ND does not) its semicommons licenses:

not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.

In the next 11+ years, Creative Commons can improve this performance by precisely 100% — remove two more words from the definition. Nobody knows which words yet: discovery will take years of versioning, research, outreach, collaboration with NonCommercial definition reusers, and perhaps a party. The result, even if not intended to change the substantive meaning of the definition, will bring an unprecedented level of clarity to NonCommercial. We can only look forward to but not yet imagine the next one.

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  1. Rob Myers says:

    Following the IRS’s recent declaration that Bitcoin is property, not currency, I’m switching all my works to NC and accepting Bitcoin in exchange for them.

  2. maiki says:

    Again I will be seen for the visionary I am, once they realize that years ago I correctly figured out we should drop not and for:

    primarily intended or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

    You’re welcome, CC!

  3. Canada and UK revenue follow IRS lead?

    maiki, that’s pretty visionary, only allowing commercial use. Perhaps revenue agencies would like the indirect effects of that! This was an April Fool post, but seriously I think it’d be hard to drop exactly two more words. But not so hard to drop even more.

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